Stitched Rugs

The intrigue for me of the stitched rag rugs is the ability to use the rags like paint in gradations. The ideas for these rugs came from various places including one of my daughter Phoebe's drawing at age 4 to Sol Lewitt's cube drawing. Some were made from variations on quilt patterns as well as doodles from notebooks. The patterns seem to repeat themselves and be part of the ongoing visual language that thread through all the mediums I use.

In 2010 I was given the opportunity by Carol Sauvion of Craft in America to show my collection of stitched and pile rugs made from recycled materials. In addition I showed scarves that were digitally printed with images from the rugs, drawings from dreams and collaged work.

In 2015 again a wonderful opportunity came my way to show the rugs, this time as part of Fiberlicious at The Los Angeles Municipal Gallery at Barnsdall Park.